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MT Language Fortnight 2021

In support of MOE’s efforts to promote student learning and appreciation of Mother Tongue languages, the school organized a variety of activities for the Mother Tongue Fortnight.

Students offering Chinese Language were exposed to the various aspects of the Chinese culture through activities which the department had planned with external vendors.

In line with the Mid-Autumn Festival in September, we engaged the service of external vendors to share about the culture and story of this occasion. 

Primary 1 and 2 students did a Bean Portrait. They learnt how to use the different shapes, colours and sizes of beans to make art pieces. 

Primary 3 students created their very own Chang-Er Rod Puppet after listening to the story of Hou Yi and Chang-Er. It is a story on how the Mid-Autumn Festival came about.

Primary 4 students used clay to create rabbits, pomelos and mooncakes. These 3 items symbolize the occasion too.

Primary 5 students tried their hands at paper cutting. Paper cutting is one of the well-known art forms in China.

Primary 6 students did bamboo writing. Bamboo was already used in various aspects of ancient Chinese people's daily lives.