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Vision & Goal


A passion for Science for service

Goals (ACE)

Arouse our girls' curiosity for Science

Cultivate confidence and critical thinking in our girls

Equip our girls with Science knowledge and skills imbibed with attitudes and ethics

Department Members

Mrs Chin-Ng Ley Tin (LH/Science)
Mr Teo Choon Boh (ST/Science)   
Mrs Teo Wai Yee
Ms Jasmine Teo
Mdm Chan Yen Peng Mdm Lew Nyet Mee
Mdm Fairlyn AngMs Melody Soh
Mrs Ng Wei WenMrs Ganesh Kanimozhi
Mrs Jocelyn TanMs Nadine Soraya 
Mdm Goh Eeh LingMdm Wang WY
Mdm Wong Way Lin


Teaching and Learning focusing on Student-Centricity

We adopt the 5-E Inquiry Instructional approach in our teaching and learning of Science. This pedagogy of inquiry-based learning enables our girls to acquire knowledge and understanding of Science through active learning with their peers and teachers.

A - Assembly Talk on Science.JPGA.jpg
 Assembly Talk on ScienceWe enjoy our Science lessons in the laboratory

Developing and Stretching Pupils' Creativity

IvP Programme

The innovation programme initiated by the MOE gifted programme branch provided opportunities for our selected P5 girls to solve everyday problems with their innovative designs, hence displaying their creativity. The pupils were guided and mentored by the Science teachers from the IvP team and our girls showcased their designs yearly in the Young Innovator's Fair.

 Running Shoe Hanger done by Wong See Wai (5K) and Tan Xuen Rong, Tricia (5K)
1) Running Shoe Hanger done by Wong See Wai (5K) and Tan Xuen Rong, Tricia (5K).jpg
 Dust Hero done by Spring Ashleigh Lin Yiting (5P), Amberly Tan (5K) and Chong En Ning, Jolene (5P) (1)
2) Dust Hero done by Spring Ashleigh Lin Yiting (5P), Amberly Tan (5K) and Chong En Ning, Jolene (5P) (1).jpg

In Action ! Making our prototypes 

'Running' Shoe Hanger

The Dust Hero
 1) Running Shoe Hanger.jpg 2) The Dust Hero.png
Presenting our prototypes at Young Innovators' Fair 2016

Project Title                       Achievement
‘Running’ Shoe HangerCertificate of Commendation
The Dust HeroCertificate of Commendation
Bag Holder and DrawerCertificate of Participation
Water FilterCertificate of Participation
Friendly 2 in 1 CoolerCertificate of Participation
3 in 1 DustpanCertificate of Participation

I Learn @ SMPS Programmes

Science teachers tap on the "The Third Teacher" to utilise physical resources with the goal to enrich our girls in the learning of Science.

(a) Learning Centres around the school compound provide experiential learning opportunities and enable our girls to take the learning of Science beyond the classroom.

C - Learning about the stick insects.jpgC - Let me have a closer look of the stick insect.jpg
 Learning about the stick insects Let me have a closer look at the stick insect

C - Learning about water plants in the eco-pond.jpg

C - Finding out about the organisms in the school aquarium.jpg
 Learning about water plants in the eco-pondFinding out about the organisms in the aquarium

(b) I Wonder! Programme

Our Science teachers believe that it is always good to rise and shine in the garden. Thus, they have planned dates with the girls in the morning to introduce the different plants and animals in the garden.

D - Harvesting Time in our school garden.JPGD - I  Wonder Programme @ SMPS Garden.JPG
 Harvesting Time in our school garden I Wonder Programme @ SMPS Garden
D - Learning with my science teachers in our school garden.JPGD - Our first experience in harvesting yam!.JPG
Learning with my Science teachers in our school garden Our first experience in harvesting yam!
 D (3).JPG D (5).JPG
D - Look at these limes from my school garden!.JPG
Look at these limes from my school garden!
(c) Various learning journeys are organised for the pupils to allow them to have authentic outdoor learning to learn Science beyond the confines of the classroom in a fun and enjoyable way. Our P3 girls visit the River Safari while our P6 pupils visit the Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve.

E - P3 Learning Journey to River Safari.JPGE - Learning about mammals in the River Safari.JPG
 P3 Learning Journey to River SafariPosing in front of a poster of Jia Jia and Kai Kai

Learning Science via learning tools

The learning of Science is enhanced through the use of ICT tools, dataloggers and I-pads. Our girls use these learning tools during their Science lessons to source and collect information and data.

(a) I-pad Learning Trails

Learning trails in the school using the I-pad apps are organised for our P5 girls. The girls were given the opportunity to learn in an authentic learning experience and this allows them to learn the science concepts taught in class as they get to observe the living organisms in their natural habitat and to observe their interactions with the environment.


(b) I-Scan

Our girls are encouraged to be self-directed learners in this programme. Teachers identify selected learning websites that will benefit pupils and present the link in a QR code. This allows pupils to scan the QR codes using their handphones and I-pads and learn at their own pace.

G - Using the I-pad apps to learn Science is fun!.jpg
Using the I-pad apps to learn Science is fun!