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Vision & Goal


A passion for Science for service

Goals (ACE)

Arouse our girls' curiosity for Science

Cultivate confidence and critical thinking in our girls

Equip our girls with Science knowledge and skills imbibed with attitudes and ethics

The Science department adopts an inquiry-based approach in the teaching and learning of Science. This pedagogy enables our students to acquire knowledge and skills and understanding of Science through active learning with their friends and teachers.  

Science in St Margaret’s Primary School is also celebrated through the multi-faceted activities at different levels. The learning of Science is extended beyond the classrooms to enrich students’ experiences and to support their mastery in the subject by allowing them to relate and apply their knowledge in the real-world context.

Learning Experience/ Programme includes:
  • Authentic Tasks
    • ‘Fun with magnets’, ‘Fun with electricity’, ‘Each child a seed programme’
  • Outdoor experiential learning
    • Exploring SMPS Science Garden
    • Learning Journeys
    • Level Camps
  • Assembly Talks
  • E2K


2021_Our Little Botanist03.jpg

2021_Exploration of Science Garden.jpgExploration of Science Garden
2021_Fun with cell model making.jpgFun with cell model making
2021_Fun with E2K.jpgFun with E2K
2021_Fun with Food Test.jpgFun with Food Test
2021_Fun with magnet.JPGFun with magnet
2021_Fun with microscope.jpg

Fun with microscope