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Malay Language

The school's Malay department aims to develop pupils to be able to use the language fluently and confidently in formal and informal context.

Besides developing pupils to become passionate Malay Language learners, we also focus on exposing the pupils to the Malay culture so that they can truly appreciate their roots and tradition.

Many programs and activities were planned and carried out in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

Key Programs and Activites:

  1. Mother Tongue Fortnight Week

Pupils will be given opportunities to participate in some cultural activities during the Mother Tongue Fortnight Week.

This year, the Primary 1 to Primary 6 pupils learnt on the significance of the 'bunga rampai' and 'bunga telur'. These traditional souvenirs are usually given out during Malay weddings or thanksgiving. After listening to the explanation and demonstration by their respective Malay teachers, the pupils were given the opportunity to make their own 'bunga rampai' and 'bunga telur'. The girls enjoyed the session very much.

Introducing the different types of flowers needed for making 'bunga rampai'
Explaining to pupils on how to make the 'bunga telur'

Cutting the pandan leaves into thin stripsMixing the cut pandan leaves with colourful flowers.

Delighted pupils with their masterpieces!

2. MT Cultural Camp

MT Cultural Camp was organised for the Primary 3 pupils. The Cultural Camp aims to instil greater interest and passion in the learning of MTL, as well as to allow pupils to appreciate the different cultures through cross-cultural experiences. 

Having fun with 'Chapteh'Having fun with 'Bola Kertas'

IMG_9756.JPG  IMG_9755.JPG
P3 Malay Pupils having fun learning different games and activities from the different races.

3. E-Book Reading Programme for Primary 1 and Primary 2 Pupils

Primary 1 and Primary 2 Malay pupils were taught to use the IPads to explore the different E-Books available. The objectives are to encourage pupils to inculcate good reading habits and be able to read fluently. During stipulated lessons, pupils can record and playback their readings, complete self or peer assessments as well as play the interactive games to build up on their vocabulary acquisition. The teachers will also select different parts of the story for the pupils to re-enact so as to build up their confidence and reinforce learning.


4. MT Reading Fiesta

The Mother Tongue Reading Fiesta is organised to promote reading of Mother Tongue storybooks amongst pupils, as well as to increase their confidence in using their own Mother Tongue.

Interactive and fun activities were planned to encourage pupils to read Malay storybooks. These include exhibition of pupils’ work; a prize redemption booth for pupils to redeem prizes based on the number of stars accumulated in their own reading booklets; borrow-a-book activity was available to encourage pupils to read more Mother Tongue books. Enhancing the fun element, a photo booth was available for students to pose with the provided props and take fun shots with their friends. Overall, students have enjoyed themselves during the fiesta.

5. Level Competitions

Each pupil from each level will be given a chance to participate in 2 different level competitions to stretch their potential.