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Mother Tongue

Vision & Goal


Mother Tongue as a "Living Language"
Happy Learners, Confident Users.


  1. Pupils are proficient in Mother Tongue listening, speaking, reading, writing skills and communication skills.
  2. Pupils are able to appreciate Mother Tongue Cultures.

Department Members

Chinese Dept
   Mdm Heng Wei Shan (HOD/Mother Tongue Languages)
Ms Shirley Ong (SH CL)   
Ms Ong Cheng Bing Mrs Karen Wong
Mrs Lynnette Ng Mrs Yu Chen Shuang
Mdm Zhuang  SiqiaoMs Lim Shurong
Mdm Tian Meng Mdm Xu Yan
Mdm Ngoh Moon GeokMdm Grace Tang
Mdm Rachelle ChingMs Anna Lau
Ms Chew Yi HueiMs Gwee Hui Jun
Mr Wu Shao Hai 

Malay Dept
Mdm Rozita Sulaiman (ML Co-ordinator) 
Mdm Jamilah Bee
Ms Nur A'zzah Noh  
Tamil Dept
Mdm Rajkumar Geetha
(TL Co-ordinator)
Ms Rajeswari Mogan
NTIL Liaison)
Mdm Sarala Devi
Mdm Bama
(SINDA Liaison)

Chinese Department
Malay Department
Tamil Department