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Every staff and student to be an analytical and creative mathematical problem solver.


The goals of SMPS Mathematics Department are to guide students and teachers to exhibit the value of PACE.

  • Persevere when faced with a challenging problem
  • Actively seek to learn the concept and explore deeper
  • Creatively and flexibly think of varied solutions to solve Mathematical problems
  • Excel in the subject area of Mathematics
  • Pace the teaching and learning appropriately to maximise the full potential of each child and teacher


In order to develop our staff and pupils towards values of PACE, SMPS adopts the use of PACE Strategy.




1. Hands-on activities on daily lesson

At Lower Primary, lessons are mainly designed using Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach to allow students to use real or physical objects for exploration, relating them to visual summary and eventually be able to represent them mentally.  Through this approach, we aim to better support students’ learning of fundamental concepts as well as to infuse an element of fun to arouse students’ interest and desire to acquire mathematical skills and knowledge.

At Upper Primary, lessons are also planned via CPA approach but a greater emphasis is placed on the thinking process rather than the solution. Thus, we create more opportunities for students to be engaged in group work, active class discussions and presentations. Through these processes, we hope to nurture students who are able to use multiple ways to solve a question and to effectively communicate their solutions and doubts.

2. Math Recess Play Programme (Learn and Play Beyond Classrooms)

Beyond the usual Mathematics lessons in classrooms, the school continued to cultivate students’ love for Mathematics through “Math Recess Play” programme. This programme was implemented since 2016 during recess times at the canteen.

Students are invited to play and enjoy the Mathematical games that focus on logical thinking skills and problem solving skills.  Through these activities, students get the opportunity to think out-of-the-box and test their strategies till they derive at the solution in a stress-free environment. These skills are essential and beneficial to the children’s development.  

3. Fast & Furious Math Challenge (Mental Sums)

Mental sums is always a challenge to students! We made it easier with systematic and progressive learning from Primary 1 to 5 via mental sum booklets and challenges. We hope to train our students to calculate fast and accurate!

4. Math Journal

We train students to be self-directed and independent learners who pens down her daily learning points, examples and notes. With these, students are able to use them as reference for revision at anytime, anywhere!