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Information Communication & Technology (ICT)

Vision & Goal


Students: Quality learning in the hands of Self-Directed, Collaborative and Responsible digital learners.
Staff: Be the lead learner in the classroom to build quality teaching and learning resources and lessons with ICT.


  • Develop students to be responsible digital online citizens when using technology for learning. 
  • Develop students to become self-directed and collaborative learners using ICT tools for learning. 
  • Develop staff and students competency in the use of technology for teaching and learning. 

Committee Members

Mrs Emmeline Loo (HOD/ICT)
Ms Nur A'zzah Noh (LH/ICT)
Ms Ong Cheng Bing
Mdm Daphne Cheng
Mrs Pamela Yeow
Mdm Lin Linli
Ms Nadine Soraya
Mdm Rachelle Ching
Ms Anna Lau Mrs Chua Seow Wee
Mdm Esther JamesMrs Ng Wei Wen
Mr Wu Shao HaiMdm Rajkumar Geetha
Ms Peony KohMrs Madelin Ang
Ms Siti Nur Hidayah 



ICT Roadmap 2015.png

Service to the school

  • IT/AV Monitresses to serve the classes' AV needs   
  • Cyberwellness advocates


Computer Lab and Personal Safety rules


  • PERMISSION to enter the computer labs
    • Do not enter the computer labs without a teacher. This is for safety reasons.
  • During lessons in the computer labs
    • Do not run or play in the laboratory
    • Do not eat or drink in the laboratory so to prevent water or any other liquid to spill on computers.
    • Do not use the computers when your hands are wet.
    • Do not attempt to open any machines, and do not touch the backs of machines when they are switched on.
    • Do not insert metal objects such as clips, pins and needles into the computer casings. This may cause fire.
    • Do not touch, connect or disconnect any plug or cable without your teacher's permission.
    • Report any broken plugs or exposed electrical wires to your teacher immediately.
    • Avoid stepping on electrical wires or any other computer cables. Do not touch any exposed wires or sockets.
    • Take note of all the exits in the room, and also take note of the location of fire extinguishers in the room for the sake of fire safety.
    • Report fires or accidents to your teacher immediately.
    • In case of an emergency (power leakage, electric shock, fire, burning smell from computers, etc), do not panic and remain calm. Listen to teacher's instructions to evacuate to the nearest open space. Stay away from the danger point.

Use of mobile devices safety rules

  • Clear your table before placing the laptop and Ipads.
  • No water should be placed near the laptop and Ipads
  • Your hands should be dry when you use the laptops and Ipads
  • Do not insert metal objects such as clips, pins and needles into the USB slots or sound input.
  • Raise your hand if you face a problem.
  • Use only apps and programs the teachers has instructed on the laptops and ipads.
  • Do not vandalise or drop the laptop and Ipads. Handle it with care.


  • 3 computer labs
  • 80 Mobile devices
  • 82 Ipads
  • CD players
  • Visualizers and projectors