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Character and Citizenship Education


A Community of Learners Glowing and Growing for God.


Nurturing girls of Character to do what is RIGHT*
(*Responsible, Resilient, Respectful, of Integrity, Gracious, Humble, Tenacious)


  1. A confident St Margaret's girl.
  2. Pupils who demonstrate the school values.
  3. Student leaders at various levels who demonstrate leadership qualities.
  4. Pupils with a sense of responsibility towards themselves, the school, the community, the country and the environment.
  5. Pupils who are global in outlook with a strong sense of citizenship.

Department Members

Mrs Pamela Yeo (HOD/Character and Citizenship Education (CCE))
Mdm Haryati Hassan (SH/Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)) 
Ms Christina Yong (SH/Student Management)       
Mrs Amelia GohMdm Endang
Ms Azah Kaulan
Mdm Ngoh Moon Geok
Mdm BamaMdm Chua Sue Ann
Mrs Charise TanMrs Karen Wong 
Ms Eileen GohMs Katherine Koo
Mdm Grace Tang
Mdm Tania Yap
Ms Gwee Hui Jun
Mrs Adeline Ang
Mrs Lim Mei Sze
Mdm Rozita
Ms Julie Ann De Silva
Ms Ng Xing Hwee
Mrs Angel Chan
Mdm S Kanimozhi
 Ms MimiMdm Malathi 
 Ms Jasmine TeoMrs Denise Cheong 
 Mdm Xu Yan 

Character and Citizenship Education Curriculum

Explicit Teaching  Learning ExperiencesSupport Structures
    1. CCE lessons
    2. SS lessons
    3. FTGP lessons
    4. Sexuality Education (SEd)
    5. myskillsfuture.sg Portal
    6. Cyber Wellness
    7. Assemblies 1 & 2
    8. Infusion into other subjects
    1. CCA
    2. Values in Action (VIA)
    3. National Education (NE) Days
    4. Student Leadership
    5. PAL
    6. School Theme

    1. Morning Devotion
    2. Discipline
    3. Counselling
    4. Student Recognition
    5. Student Reflections
    6. Partnerships
    7. Teacher Training

Explicit Teaching

  • Lessons will provide for the explicit teaching of the values, knowledge, skills and competencies that are critical for character and citizenship development. These lessons include the lessons for Character and Citizenship Education conducted mainly* in the Mother Tongue Languages, and the Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP).
* Pupils exempted from MTL will have their CCE lessons in English.

CCE 1.jpgCCE 2.jpg

FTGP Interaction Activities

For more information, click on the links below
 CCE and FTGP Lessons 

  • Modules that focus on myskillsfuture.sg portal, Sexuality Education (SEd) and Cyber Wellness which address specific developmental needs of our students are delivered. SEd is delivered as a module for the upper primary levels, while myskillsfuture.sg and Cyber Wellness are infused within FTGP lessons.

For more information, click on the links below

Education and Career Guidance
  • How you can support your child 
  • myskillsfuture.sg (For P5 and P6 - Login required)
    • An online portal that facilitates education and career development among students. This portal aims to help students discover their identity through awareness, exploration and planning. Click here for a glimpse into the myskillsfuture.sg Portal
Cyber Wellness
CCE 3.jpg

Sexuality Education
  • Please click here to find out more

  • Assemblies in school are also used as a teaching platform for school values and other CCE LOs.

Learning experiences

Learning experiences, through various platforms, reinforce and support student's learning in CCE.

    • National Education (NE) Commemorative Days are part of the school calendar. These are the Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day.
       Please click here for photographs.

    • Co-curricular Activities (CCA) is a main platform for the students to apply Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies learnt in the lessons and put into practice the school values.
       Please click here for more information.

    • Values in Action (VIA) programme aims to enable pupils o become confident persons, active contributors and concerned citizens, by providing avenues for students to understand the needs in the home, school, community and nation and to practise the values of charity, patience, devotion and LIGHT.

    • Student Leadership opportunities provide the students with the platform to exhibit skills and competencies, in particular responsible decision making. Click here for more information.

    • School Theme: Be Gracious, Pass it On,develops a culture of graciousness among students and staff through various experiences in the school, which include sharing by staff and students, reflections and other activities for students.

Support Structures

  • Morning Devotion, based on the school values and anchored on the school's Christian tradition, helps staff and students start the day with timely reminders of what is at the core of CCE.

  • Discipline structures have been put in place to provide explicit parameters of acceptable behaviour. School Rules and the Demerit Point system are clearly spelt out in the Student Handbook which every student possesses.

  • Counselling for students with social, emotional and behavioural issues are provided by the school's Full Time School Counsellor.

  • Student Recognition, given through school-based and MOE awards, as well as highlighting of students successes, help reinforce school values and desired character traits. Click here for Edusave Character Award (ECHA).


CCE 5.jpg
Cleanest Classroom  Character Badges

  • Student Reflections are done after key learning experiences to help reinforce the desired LOs.

  • Partnerships with parents and other organisations help the school to provide the learning experiences that support CCE.