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Vision & Goal


A St. Margaret's pupil who acquires literacy and appreciation of music and the visual arts.


Every pupil participates in a range of music-making and art-making experiences which develop literacy in the arts.

Department members

Ms Rafeeza Khaliq (HOD/Aesthetics)
Mrs Fam Way LinMdm Esther James
Mrs Denise Cheong
Mdm Chua Sue Ann
Mdm Tania Yap     


The Art Department aims to nurture in pupils a love for the visual arts by developing their art-making skills and enabling them to creatively express their ideas in visual form. In understanding themselves and appreciating the diversity around them, pupils learn to create meaningful artworks.

Programmes includes: four art forms of the visual arts

  • Drawing
  • Painting (Acrylic and Watercolour)
  • Printmaking (Photography at Primary 5)
  • P6 Graduation Art Exhibition




Use Of Sketchbooks

Starting 2016, all pupils are expected to use a sketchbook as part of their art experience. The sketchbooks serve as a platform for pupils to record information, generate ideas, explore different techniques and reflect.


The Music Department aims to help pupils achieve a personal level of understanding, appreciation and passion for music. Every pupil will develop a background in music and musicianship that prepares them for individual and ensemble playing in school.

We provide curricular and enrichment opportunities for our pupils to learn at least three musical instruments, enhancing their musical experience.

Programme includes:

  • Harmonica
  • Handchimes
  • Recorder
  • Cajon
  • Music Theory
  • Music from Different Cultures and Folk-songs

Cajon Workshop group photo

Cajon Workshop

Recorder Programme Group Photo
Recorder Programme