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Calendar of Events

04 TO 08 MAR P6 Common Tests
04 marP1 E-learning
P4 Museum Visit (4C, 4J)
P5 Group 1 Internationalisation trip
05 mar P2 E-learning
P4 Museum Visit (4D, 4K)
P5 Group 2 Internationalisation trip
06 MAR P3 E-learning
P4 Museum Visit (4G, 4P)
P5 Group 3 Internationalisation trip
P3 MTL Cultural Camp
P4 Traffic Games-Road Safety Park (4C, 4D, 4K)
07 MAR P4 E-learning
08 MAR Traffic Games-Road Safety Park (4G, 4J, 4P)
12 MAR P1 & P2 Sports Day
15 MARP3-P6 Games Carnival
16 MARDay Camp for Prefects
16 to 24 marTerm 1 School Holidays
25 MARStart of Term 2