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Infocomm Club / AVA

Friday2:15-4:15Comp Lab 1Ms Lim Shurong
Ms Gwee Hui Jun
P5 & P6

Comp Lab 2Mdm Rachelle Ching
Ms Smitha
P3 & P4


The InfoComm Club serves as a platform for pupils to learn more about different information and communications technology (ICT) skills.  Photography (for P3 and P4) and Videography (for P5 and P6) workshops are incorporated into the programme to further develop the pupils' creative and innovative spirit.


  1. To equip pupils with ICT skills for 21st century, contribute towards the club, school and most importantly the society.
  2. To guide pupils to learn and make good use of technology in tasks assigned.
  3. To nurture ICT talents of the character anchored on the values of Life-long learner, Integrity, Graciousness, Humility and Tenacity (LIGHT)

Activities Outline

ICT Skills:

  • Videography
  • Digital photography, photo editing & photo collage
  • Poster/card design

Filming of Fairyporters interviewing drama casts.jpgFilming of Fairyporters interviewing drama castsGirls learning to take photos from different angles.JPGGirls learning to take photos from different angles
Senior coaching juniors how to operate AV equipment.jpg
Senior coaching juniors how to operate AV equipment


ChairmanMEIYAPPAN AKSHAYA (6 Patience)
Vice-ChairmanNAZRATH NOUROUL HASSANE (6 Charity)

Highlights & Achievements

 2018Creating Preshow video (Students Once More) for school concert (Yesterday Once More)-
2017Singapore Digital Media Awards 2017 - Video category (2017, Term 1 & 2)Certificate of Participation
 2016Singapore Digital Media Awards 2016 - Video category (2016, Term 1 & 2)