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CCA Framework & Policy


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Co-Curricular Activities

  1. Objectives of CCA at SMPS

At SMPS, CCA is an integral part of the holistic education that we seek to provide for our students. The CCA programme continues to develop in our students, our school values - LIGHT (Lifelong learning, integrity, graciousness, humility and tenacity), fulfilling the school’s Total Curriculum Framework which includes our aspects of school experience for our students. The school strongly believes that CCA is an excellent platform to develop character and help nurture in our students, qualities that will better prepare them to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

2. Our CCA Programme

For CCA to be an excellent platform to develop character and prepare our students for their future, the CCA programme should provide a breadth of experience and depth in the development of skills therefore providing opportunities for students to grow with the experience.

Physical sports develop robustness, fair play and team spirit in students. The Visual and Performing Arts instill in students a sense of graciousness and an appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of a multi-racial society. Uniformed Groups aim to make good citizens of students by inculcating in them self-reliance, resilience, discipline and a spirit of service to others. Besides the inculcation of values, CCA also imbue in our students an entrepreneurial spirit, a risk-taking attitude and an appreciation for aesthetics, all of which are necessary for the holistic development of an individual.

CCA attendance will be reflected in the SA2 Holistic Report Card.

3. P3 Modular CCA Programme

At the end of Primary 2, students will choose three CCAs, one from each CCA domain - namely Physical Sports, Visual and Performing Arts, Uniformed Groups and Clubs & Societies. The aim of this is to expose students to the breadth of CCA choices and encouraging students to explore their interests in areas that they may not have been introduced to yet. This further develops students’ self-awareness and self-efficacy. During the process of the modular programme at semester 1 of Primary 3, students will be attached to the different CCAs of their choice for a minimum of 4 sessions each. This provides students with time to know the CCAS better and to allow a fair basis for CCA teachers to recommend students who may show passion and strengths in certain CCAS using the selection criteria (Annex G) which includes the following factors:

  • Skills and knowledge pertaining to the CCA
  • Self and relationship management
  • Attitude and effort

Co-Curricular Schedule for 2020

Clubs & Societies
InfoComm ClubFriday 

Miss Lim Shurong

Ms Gwee Hui Jun  

ICT Associate 

Miss Nur A’zzah (Advisor)

Science & Environment Club Friday 

Mdm Goh Eeh Ling

Mdm Geetha 

Ms Samantha 

Mdm Ng Ley Tin (Advisor)

Star Friday 

Mdm Endang

Miss Jasmine Teo 

Mdm Karen Wong

Ms Goh Bee Ling & 

Mrs Leong Hwee Khim (Advisors)

Physical Sports & Games
Mdm Shahirah
Ms Low Pei Lin
Mdm Bama
Developmental Team   

P3-P6: Friday   

Junior & Senior School Team: Mon & Friday

Mrs Cindy Teo

Ms Florina Hoe 

Ms Julie Ann 

Ms Kanimozhi 

Mdm Chan Yen Peng

TennisP2-P6: Friday

School Team: Friday 

Mdm Daphne Cheng

Mrs Charise Tan

Ms Low Wei Wen

Visual & Performing Arts        
BandMonday & Friday
Mdm Rachelle Ching 
Mdm Esther James
Ms Christine Low 
Mr Eddie Chong 
 ArtFriday Mrs Fam Way Lin
Miss Charissa Chan
Mdm Tania Yap
Mdm Adeline Ang 
ChoirMonday & Friday 
Mrs Lim Mei Sze
Mrs Mandy Teo
Mdm Rozita Sulaiman 
Chinese DanceMonday & Friday Mdm Ngoh Moon Geok
Mdm Siqiao
Mrs Angelia Chu
HarmonicaMonday & FridayMrs Amelia Goh
Ms Ong Cheng Bing
Ms Anna Lau 
International DanceNon-SYF performers: Friday only  

SYF Performers: Monday & Friday
Mdm Xu Yan
Mrs Yu Chen Shuang
Mrs Angel Chan 
Uniformed Groups      

Ms Eileen Goh

Mdm Mimi Nurhidayah 

Ms Ng Xing Hwee 

Ms Azah Kaulan

Girls'Brigade Friday Mdm Chua Sue Ann
Mrs Chua Seow Wee
Ms Melody Soh
Mdm Grace Tang
Mr Wu Shao Hai