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News & Announcements

Instruction for HBL (17-28 May 2021)

Dear Parent/Guardian,

During HBL, these are the things your child/ward will need to take note:

At 8am:
1) Log in to the SLS for announcements and lesson instructions given by teachers.

2) Log in their daily temperature (excluding weekends and public holiday) on SLS by 8am.

Please click here to view the HBL Plan for each level. 


Update on Upgrading Plan for St Margaret’s Primary School

  • The school will continue to operate from the current holding site at 2 Mattar Road until December 2023.

  • The school will operate from its upgraded site at 99 Wilkie Road in January 2024.

  • Please contact General Office at 6339 4247 or email to stmargaretps@moe.edu.sg if you have any queries.


Details of the award and nominations can be done online at dclta2021.sphevents.com.sg  

Closing date : 30 April 2021


Nomination is open from 16 February – 9 April 2021. Click here for more details.


Nomination for this award is open from 8 February – 30 April 2021.  Click here for more details.

2021 SMPS Virtual Tour

Click here for the SMPS Virtual Tour.

Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA) 2021

Nomination for the award is now open and will close on 15 Jan 2021, Friday.  Submit your nominations online through the following link

President's Award for Teachers (PAT) 2021

Nomination for the award is now open and will close on 26 Jan 2021, Tuesday. You can submit your nominations via this link

Zoom Guide for Students

Dear students, 

Please click here to view the Zoom Guide.

Zoom Guide for Parents

Dear Parents,

Please click here to view the Zoom guide.

Protect yourself by following these simple germ knock-out rules

Germs and viruses may not be visible, but you can protect yourself by following these simple germ knock-out rules! Click here for more information

Parents Gateway: Step-by-step Guide for Travel Declaration

Please click here to view the Parents Gateway Travel Declaration guide.

Parents Gateway: Onboarding Guide for Parents

Please click here to view the Parents Gateway onboarding guide for parents.

MC Online Login Guide for Parents

Please click here to access the step-by-step guide.

myskillsfuture.sg Portal

Information on the myskillsfuture.sg portal can be found here.

Parking Advisory for Parents

Parents who drive are reminded that there are no parking facilities in the school. Please do not park along the road as it will hamper vehicular flow.