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Student Leaders

Prefects' Pledge

We, the Prefects of St Margaret’s Primary School,
pledge ourselves to discharge our duties to the best of our abilities.
We strive to adopt an attitude of a servant leader
and to put our duty before self.

We will be exemplary in our conduct
and uphold the name of our school.
As we serve our school, we serve heartily as unto God.

Being a prefect requires leadership, responsibility, integrity and dedication to the school. Prefects are assigned daily duties to ensure the school standards are maintained while they serve and  lead the student body. Prefects are, above all, leaders and role models for their peers. It is important that they abide by all school rules and regulations. Prefects also act as a voice for the students.

Head Prefect and Prefect Captains (2018)

Ying Yi Hui
Head Prefect
Kelly Rei Chai Ting Wen
Assistant Head Prefect
Tan An Esther
Assistant Head Prefect
 Sheshasanee d/o Arjuman
Prefect Captain
Chew Wei Yi Shannen
Prefect Captain
Myra Kong Yi Xin
   Prefect Captain
Seet Qi Xuan Shernace
Prefect Captain 

Assembly Talks by Prefect Captains

Assembly talks by prefect captains.JPG
Assembly talks by prefect captains1.JPG

At the first assembly talk conducted by our Prefect Captains, they introduced the school rules to all pupils. The Prefect Captains used clear and concise PowerPoint slides to communicate to pupils what is expected of them. They also explained the demerit point system so that pupils are aware of possible consequences of their behaviour. The quiz at the end showed that pupils were attentive. It was indeed a job well done.

Prefect Investiture

3_Presenting our prefects.JPG 4_ Appointment of the prefect captains.JPG
11_Sharing on the prefect captain interview.JPG 9_ A video montage dedicated to the prefects.JPG


St Margaret’s Primary School Prefects Investiture was held on 20 February 2017 to formally present the Head Prefect, Assistant Head Prefects, Prefect Captains and Prefects of 2017 to our school.

Graced by our principal, Miss Pang, Chaplain's Assistant, Mdm Wang Kar Foon, and the parents of our Primary 6 Prefects, the Prefects Investiture began with our Primary 4, 5 and 6 Prefects taking their stand on stage, reciting the Prefects' Pledge, pledging their commitment and loyalty as student leaders to the school.

The Prefect Captains shared what they had experienced during the rigorous selection, voting and interview processes which ultimately led to their appointments. The sharing was followed by the Head Prefect’s speech. 


Training Sessions

IMG_6359.JPG Training session_2.JPG

The P4 & P5 prefects attend 2 in-house workshops each in Term 2 and Term 3 whereas the P3 prefect trainees and P6 prefects attend 1 in-house workshop each in Term 4. During the workshops, the prefects learn leadership skills and do problem solving. They engage in activities like role play and group discussions. The prefects also have fun playing team-bonding games during the workshops.

Appreciating Student Leaders