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Pupils Involved
Monday 2.15 - 4.15 pm

Mdm Mimi Nurhidayah
Ms Chew Yi Huei
Ms Law Xin Yi
Ms Eileen Goh
P3 - P6


Brownies was founded by Lord Baden-Powell in 1914. It is a parallel movement for scouting, catered for girls aged 7 to 12 years old. 

As Brownies, they will undergo the Five-Point Programme which encompasses personal and social development, community and international relations. By the end of the program, they would acquire life skills such as cooking, sewing, first aid, understand good hygiene habits, engage in environmental conservation and understand how they can contribute to the community.

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A visit to the Marina Barrage.jpg
A visit to the Marina Barrage
We proudly present our mini Raingarden!.jpgWe proudly present our mini Raingarden!

Bringing Brownies for a tour around CD Heritage Gallery.jpgBringing Brownies for a tour around CD Heritage Gallery


1. To provide pupils with the opportunity for self training in the development of character, in the realisation of responsible citizenship and promotion of service to the community.

2. To maintain a high ethical standard based on the aims and principles embodied in the "Promise and Law" as laid down by the Founder, Lord Baden-Powell.

3. To encourage international goodwill and understanding by establishing friendly relations with the girls of other schools and countries.

4. To nurture girls of the character anchored on the values of Life-long learner, Integrity, Graciousness, Humility and Tenacity (LIGHT).
Live demonstration!.jpgLive demonstration!

Activities Outline:

Besides the school based meetings which include test works, games and songs, the pack gets to interact with other Brownies when they attend Brownie Revels or activities such as camp fires and competitions organised by Girl Guide Singapore (GGS).




    - Puan Noor Aishah Gold For 2016
    - Chief Commissioner's Award
    South Division Brownie Revel 2017 
    - 2nd in Mason Terrarium Making
    - Puan Noor Aishah Silver For 2015 
    - Chief Commissioner's Award
    - Disney Princess Award 
    - Puan Noor Aishah Silver For 2014 
    - Chief Commissioner's Award
    - Disney Princess Award 
 2014    Puan Noor Aishah Silver For 2013 
 2014    Chief Commissioner's Award 
    South Division Brownie Revel 2014 
    - 1st in the Hoop-A-Loop
    South Division Day 2014 
    - Won Sudoku competition
    - 1st in Ketupat Making competition
    - 2nd in Boggle competition
    - 2nd in Watch & Learn competition
    - 2nd & 3rd in Hip to Sign competition
 2013    Chief Commissioner's Badge 
 2012    South Division Competition 
    1st & 2nd in Drawing 
2012     South Division Competition
    3rd in button badge making  
2012     World Thinking Day: Mass Game
    1st Runner-up 
2011     National Environment Agency Competition
    Comic Strip - 1st     Runner-up