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Science & Environment Club

Pupils Involved
2.15 - 4.15 pm
Mr Teo Choon Boh
Mdm Goh Eeh Ling
Mdm Wang Woon Yeng 
P3 - P6


Our mission is to see every member becoming an active contributor, a concerned citizen, a self-directed learner and a confident person as she explores science and the environment around her and comes up with creative and innovative solutions to mitigate the issues raised.

The club provides pupils with opportunities to learn and explore the environment through hands-on activities, research and investigation as well as collaboration with peers.

06_Our Piggy Banks Completed.jpg
Our Piggy Banks Completed
07_Little Miss Piggy Bank.JPG

Little Miss Piggy Bank


  • To understand the importance of the 3Rs--Reuse, Reduce & Recycle.
  • To learn what happens to our waste when we throw it away and some of the consequences.
  • To provide opportunities for club members to carry out research and exploration of the environment.
  • To develop skills in sharing new discovery and knowledge with others through making creative crafts that promote environmental awareness.

CCA Highlights:

  • Recycling a Plastic Bottle into a Piggy Bank.
  • Design Posters to Promote Daily Cleaning. 
  • Promote Reusing of Water in line with World Water Day.
  • Reduce the use of Styrofoam Boxes. 

01_Beautifying Piggy.jpg
02_Adding Colours & Patterns to Piggys Body.jpg

03_My Simple Piggy Bank.jpg

04_We are done too!.jpg05_Yes not Piggy...Its a Fox!.jpg

12_Poster Design - Help Clean the World.jpg

13_Poster Design - Save the World.jpg
 14_Poster Design - Active Clearning Now.jpg 15_Poster Design - Cleang up Our World.jpg

Learning Journeys

  • Garden By The Bay (To learn about Global Warming & Climate Change).
  • Race to Sustainability @ Youths Celebrate! Sustainability - 8 Teams participated in the Race on 19 May 2017.
  • Visit to NEWater Visitor Centre.
08_Learning Journey to Garden By The Bay.jpg
09_Learning Journey to Garden By The Bay.jpg
10_Pre-tour Briefing at the Supertrees Grove.jpg
11_At Cloud Forest.jpg
 01_We had to answer the questions in the Activity Book for each Station.jpg 02_Into the Race @ Flower Dome.jpg
 03_Finding our way to the next station.jpg 04_We have completed 6 stations.jpg
 05_Exploring the NeWater Plant.jpg 06_Learning about how NeWater is made.jpg

Mother's Day Craftwork using Recycled Styrofoam Cups

07_Making a flower using recycled styrofoam cup.jpg
08_Fixing the flower stalk.jpg
09_Adding colours to our flower.jpg
Happy Mother Day.jpg
Happy Mother Day2.jpg