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CCA Framework & Policy


Every Child achieves her best & shines



Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are an integral part of the holistic, well-rounded education that we seek to provide for our students.  In particular, CCAs help nurture in students qualities associated with Innovation & Enterprise (I&E) – specifically, a certain ruggedness characterised by qualities like resilience, tenacity, confidence and perseverance, which will better prepare them to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Well organised and implemented CCA can fuel in the individual a lifelong love for a particular activity, be it a sport or a musical pursuit. This helps the individual to lead a balanced life in adulthood. All CCA emphasize social interaction but each CCA has its specific objectives.

Physical sports develop robustness, fair play and team spirit in pupils. The Visual and Performing Arts instil in pupils a sense of graciousness and an appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of a multi-racial society. Uniformed Groups aim to make good citizens of pupils by inculcating in them self-reliance, resilience, discipline and a spirit of service to others. Besides the inculcation of values, CCA also imbue in our pupils an entrepreneurial spirit, a risk-taking attitude and an appreciation for aesthetics, all of which are necessary for the holistic development of an individual.

Co-Curricular Schedule for 2017

Clubs & Societies
Art ClubP3-P6: Friday2.15-4.15pmArt Room 1 (S2-6)
Art Room 2 (S2-12)
Ms Fam Way Lin*
Mdm Tania Yap
Mr Darren Er
InfoComm ClubP3-P6: Friday 2.15-4.15pm Computer Lab 3 (S2-8)
Miss Lim Shurong*
Miss Chew Yi Huei
Ms Gwee Hui Jun 
ICT Executive
Science & Environment Club P3-P6: Friday 2.15-4.15pm 
Science Room 1 (B1-12)
Science Room 2 (B1-13) 
Mrs Jocelyn Tan-Koh Pei Li*
Mdm Goh Eeh Ling
Mdm Wang Woon Yeng 
Learning Haven P3-P6: Friday 2.15-4.15pm Library Instructional Room 
Mrs Kwan Lay Leng*
Mr Eddie Chong 
Games & Sports
BowlingP3-P6: Monday
School Team: Friday
 1.50-4.15pmCivil Service Club
Meet at School Foyer @ 1.50pm
Ms Charissa Chan*
Mdm Xu Yan
Mdm Shahirah
Ms Low Pei LIn
(Feeder Squad)

P3: Wed
P4: Tues

P5/P6: Fri 

(Training Squad)
Junior: Mon
Senior: Fri

Junior & Senior Combined Teams: Sat



 Hall / Netball CourtMs Jasmine Teo
Ms Kasturi

Mdm Chan Yen Peng*
Mrs Florina Lin

Ms Kanimozhi
Mr Derek Wong*
Mrs Thong Hui Yee*
TennisP2-P6: Friday

School Team: Friday 
 1.50-4.15pm Farrer Park Tennis Courts

Meet at School Foyer @ 1.50pm
Mdm Daphne Cheng*
Mrs Charise Tan
Ms Low Wei Wen
Ms Katherine Koo
Mdm Fairlyn Ang 
Performing Arts        
BandMonday & Friday2.15-4.15pmMusic Room 2 (B1-9)
Mdm Esther James*
Ms Azah Kaulan
Ms Nadine Soraya
Ms Christine Low 
ChoirMonday & Friday 2.00-4.15pm Music Room 1 (B1-16)
Mrs Mandy Teo*
Mrs Lim Mei Sze
Mdm Rozita Sulaiman 
Chinese DanceMonday & Friday 2.15-4.15pm Dance Studio (B1-14) Mdm Ngoh Moon Geok*
Ms Chow Yee Sun
Ms Lynnette Lian 
Mdm Heng Siqiao
HarmonicaMonday & Friday2.00-4.00pmMusic Room 3 (B1-6) Mrs Amelia Goh*
Ms Ong Cheng Bing
Ms Anna Lau 
International DanceMonday & Friday2.15-4.15pmGymMrs Yu Chen Shuang*
Mdm Tian Meng
Mdm Lin Linli
Mdm Malathi 
Uniformed Groups      
BrowniesFriday 2.15-4.15pm Classroom (B2-10)Mdm Mimi Nurhidayah*
Ms Carrie Liang
Ms Melody Soh
Mdm Rachelle Ching
Ms Eileen Goh
Girls' Brigade Friday 2.15-4.15pm AVA Room/Chapel 
Ms Teoh Yian Pin*
Mdm Grace Tang
Mdm Tan Seow Wee
Ms Shirley Seah Yew Hwee 


Our school has a wide range of CCA to provide each child an opportunity to experience a balanced and holistic education throughout her primary school education.  Thus, we encourage your child to participate actively in CCA from P3 onwards.

CCA Showcasing
We will showcase the different activities that our CCA provide to the Primary Two pupils in Term 4.  The pupils will have a chance to look at the different CCA before choosing their CCA.  New students in the other levels are welcome to attend the CCA Showcasing.  

CCA Registration (October)

  1. Pupils are allowed up to 3 choices in their CCA registration form.
  2. Pupils will have to return the completed CCA registration form to their form teachers one week after the CCA Showcasing
  3. Pupils are not allowed to change CCA within the same academic year; however, they can request for a change of CCA at the end of P3 and P4.  
  4. Pupils who have been successful in enrolling in a CCA will be notified via their form teachers on the last week of Term 4.
  5. All CCA will commence in Week 2 in the following academic year.
  6. CCA attendance will be taken and reflected in the pupil's Holistic Report Card.