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Sports Carnival 2021

Primary 1 & 2
After a one-year hiatus due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the sports carnival was finally back on 25 February for Primary 2 and 26 February for Primary 1. Instead of the entire level congregating in the school hall for the events like the past, only two classes were in one venue at a time to meet the requirements for the Safe Management Measures. Each class took turns to move to three different venues for a different relay race. Different races showcased the fundamental movement and manipulative skills learnt during their PE lessons. The girls displayed sportsmanship values like integrity, tenacity and teamwork as they tried their best to complete all the races.

Primary 3 to 6
The sports carnival for the Primary 3 to Primary 6 students was held over a period of 2 weeks during their PE lessons in order to avoid intermingling. The girls represented their respective houses in relay races. These races were carefully crafted by their PE teachers and they showcased the culmination of skills learnt during PE lessons since Primary 1. Prior to the actual races, students practised hard during their PE lessons. They demonstrated these skills to the best of their abilities while exhibiting good sportsmanship.

Tolley house is the overall champion for 2021!