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P1 Orientation 2022

The year started with the P1 Orientation on 4 Jan 2022, when P1 girls and their parents were invited to attend a face-to-face orientation session. The parents were briefed by School Leaders and Key Personnel on the school’s vision, mission and values. Detailed instructions were also provided on the important areas to note as their children started their school life. This was followed by a tour of the arrival and dismissal points to familiarize parents with the traffic flow and management, as safety of everyone is of concern to the school. The parents also had an opportunity to meet the P1 form teachers who briefed them on the classroom expectations.

The P1 girls started off their day with activities and games to get to know each other and their teachers. They were briefed on the Safe Management Measures and other safety guidelines so that they could keep themselves and others safe. The girls also had a tour of the important places in the school that they need to be familiar with. Their orientation continued for the next few days as the teachers slowly eased them into the school routines and also had help from their P6 Big Sisters who buddied them during recess.

Overall it was a positive memorable experience for all who attended the P1 Orientation as they were welcomed to the St Margaret’s Family.