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Vision & Goal


At the end of every student's journey at SMPS, we hope to see each child graduating with an open and critical mind, ready for the lifelong involvement in aesthetics. Filled with curiosity (head), and confidence to explore and learn from mistakes (hands), anchored with empathy (heart).


To create opportunities for students to discover their personal voice and be empowered to explore ideas and meanings in different contexts while deepening their understanding of the world and society.

Department members

Ms Rafeeza Khaliq (HOD/Aesthetics)
Art Teachers:  Music Teachers:
Mrs Fam Way Lin Mdm Esther James
Ms Rafeeza Khaliq
Mrs Chua Sue Ann
Ms Samantha Ng
Mrs Denise Cheong

Ms Christina Yong


The Art Department aims to nurture in pupils a love for the visual arts by developing their art-making skills and enabling them to creatively express their ideas in visual form. In understanding themselves and appreciating the diversity around them, pupils learn to create meaningful artworks.

Learning Experience Includes:

  • Drawing 
  • Mixed media art  
  • Painting (Acrylic and Watercolour)
  • Printmaking (Relief print, collagraph, foam print, lino print)
  • Photography
  • P6 Graduation Art Exhibition
  • Art recess activities 
  • Museum-based Learning 

 Observe, appreciate, and provide
feedback to peers

 Self-directed learning at the
printmaking stations

artJuly03.jpg artJuly04.jpg
Photography in school   Collaborative learning during
P6 Graduation Art Project

Use Of Sketchbooks

Starting 2016, all pupils are expected to use a sketchbook as part of their art experience. The sketchbooks serve as a platform for pupils to record information, generate ideas, explore different techniques and reflect.


The Music Curriculum incorporates both experiential learning and visible thinking routines, to create a culture of positive musicianship. Using blended learning techniques, students use a variety of tools and platforms, including physical instruments, electronic music and loops, to create music and to perform. We believe that music is not a static subject, but that it will develop both the heart and mind. As students develop their music listening and performance skills, they also develop character and values, and learn to display dispositions that appreciate art, music and culture. They also develop creativity. All primary 2 students begin learning about music elements such as note values and rests. This is further reinforced in primary 4, as they learn about further music elements such as accidentals, major and minor keys, and musical terms.

Programme includes:

  • Xylophones
  • Handchimes
  • Keyboards
  • Cajons
  • Music Theory
  • Music from Different Cultures and Folk Songs

Enjoying rhythm exercises with percussion instruments
Grooving to the beat!
Playing Little Froggies on the Xylophone


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition 2021

We are proud to announce that three artworks by our students that were submitted for the SYF Art Exhibition 2021 can be viewed at the SYF Online Art Gallery.

These participants will be receiving their certificates in August.
Category Names of Participants SYF Award
A Celeste Yow (2G)
 Emma Kwek (2T)
 Janna Sim (2T)
 Jesse Sim (2T)
Certificate of Recognition
Cassidy Ong (4H)
Evie Cho (4H)
Lervinne Ho (4H)
Certificate of Participation
Shu-En Sandosham (5T)
Afreen Zara (5P)
Petra Tan (5P)
R S Tehjasri (5P)
Certificate of Recognition

These girls put in great effort in their SYF projects and even came back during the March holiday to work on them. Many of them also stayed back for numerous afternoons after school. Hence, we would like to thank the parents of these participants for their tremendous support and also our teachers from Art department and Art Club for guiding the girls so well!

We are delighted to share that two of the artworks from Category A and C are also featured in the SYF Virtual Art Exhibition, in collaboration with National Gallery of Singapore.

We also want to commend the great effort by all Primary 2, Primary 4 and Art Club students who were tasked to create artworks based on the SYF theme. Some of their artworks are featured in our SYF School-based Online Art Exhibition below.

Please scan the codes or click the links below to view the SYF exhibitions.

QR code_SYF Online Gallery.jpg

QR code_SYF e-Catalogue.jpg QR code_SYF Virtual Exhibition.jpg QR code_School Based Exhibition.jpg

Draw My Stamp Story Art Competition 2020

In August 2020, our students participated in an art competition organised by the National Heritage Board and Singapore Philatelic Museum. They were tasked to create an artwork using one to three local stamps.

We would like to congratulate seven of our students for achieving Silver and Bronze awards !

silver award winners.jpg

bronze award winners.jpg

Artworks by Petra Tan (P4) and Natalie Chu (P5) are also featured on NHB website.

SAFRA LIL' STARS 2020 - Visual Arts Competition

Recently, 25 of our Primary 4 and Primary 5 students took part in the SAFRA Lil’ Stars art competition organised by SAFRA Toa Payoh. The theme was, “Superhero” whereby the young artists would have to create their own superhero and show how their superhero help protect Singapore from Covid-19.

We are proud to announce that two of our students had won the second and third prize !

Arts Achievements.jpg

At the same time, two other students’ artworks have been selected to be part of the SAFRA National Day Celebrations Video. The video can be found here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGt4CRQs4a8