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Mrs Ganesh

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Ms Jasmine Teo

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Mdm Chan Yen Peng

P5 Junior School Team 

P6 Senior School Team
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Mrs Thong Hui Yee

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Netball is a popular sporting CCA in
St. Margaret’s Primary School. We strive to develop the necessary skills and attitudes in our pupils to play the game competently, displaying the school values of Life-long learning, Integrity, Graciousness, Humility and Tenacity (LIGHT).  

Some facts about Netball

Netball is a fast and skillful team sport that fosters team-spirit and trains agility, endurance and perseverance. Speed, strategy, team work and co-ordination are essential skills for netball. Teams may include up to 12 players but only 7 may take the court at any one time. A game consists of 4 x 10 minutes quarters with an interval of 3 minutes after the first and third quarters and a 5-minute half-time interval. The major aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible from within an area called the Goal Circle.


Every Netball Player, An Active Thinker and Problem-Solver  


To nurture netball players who will eventually become sportswomen to shine for the state and God


  • To encourage and promote the game of netball through the teaching of the basic skills in netball
  • To instill discipline and develop each player to her fullest potential in netball
  • To nurture players of character anchored on the values of Life-long learner, Integrity, Graciousness, Humility and Tenacity (LIGHT)

Targets for 2018


1. Junior & senior School Teams:

  • To achieve Top 2 in the South Zone Primary Schools Netball Championships for both Junior and Senior Division
  • To achieve as Top 4 in the National Primary Schools Netball Championships for both Junior and Senior Division
  • To develop players to qualify for the yearly DSA and SMSS Sports Scholarships

2. developmental & Feeder Squads:

  • To acquire the skills, concepts and attitudes to play a game of Netball confidently
  • To be able to play at least 2 positions competently
  • To be exposed to games played at a competitive level i.e. South Zone Netball Championships
feeder 2.jpg
Our P4 Feeder Squad always ensure that they train and have fun at the same time!
feeder 3.jpg
Our P5 and P6 Developmental Squads - playing a game of netball during their CCA session

Activities for 2018


 1. junior & senior School Teams:

The junior and senior school teams train at least twice a week to prepare for the annual South Zone and National Primary Schools Netball Championships. The teams undergo rigorous physical training which develops competent netball skills, fine strategy planning and keen mental skills. Through the training sessions, the players' character is also strengthened with sound values aligned to our school's vision and motto.

                School Teams Achieving First Position at South Zone Netball Championship 2018
Prize Presentation at Blaze Carnival 2018
(pictures from left to right: Junior Team, Senior Team)
Prize Presentation at Singapore Sports Carnival 2018
(pictures from left to right: Junior Team, Senior Team)

2. Feeder & Developmental Squads:

The feeder and developmental squads train once a week. During the trainings, members are taught the concepts and rules of netball. They also fine-tune their fundamental skills and strategies through drills and modified games. During the zonal and national competitions, the feeder squads are invited to attend so as to lend their support and at the same time expose them to the game at a more competitive level.

 Glimpse of a P4 netball sessionCool-down exercise after a netball session


CaptainsLim Ruici (5 Kindness)
Jamie Chee (5 Kindness)
Renee Siu (6 Patience)
Ianni Wong (6 Grace)

Vice CaptainBianca Teo (5 Grace)
Caitlyn Ng (6 Patience)

Highlights & Achievements

  • Blaze Carnival 2018

  • Singapore Sports School Carnival 2018


  •        South Zone Netball Championships 2018

  • National Primary Schools Netball Championships 2018

  • Junior Team 
    - 2nd position
  • Senior Team 
    - 2nd position

  • Junior Team
       - 3rd position

  •       Senior Team 
    - 2nd position

  •       Junior Team 
    - 1st position
  •       Senior Team 
    - 1st position

  •       Junior Team 
    - Champions
  •       Senior Team 
    - Champions
  • Singapore Sports School Carnival 2017

  • South Zone Netball Championships 2017
  • Junior Team
    - 2nd position

  • Junior Team
  • - 4th position
  • Senior Team
      - 4th position