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DayTimeTeachers-In-ChargePupils Involved
Monday & Friday2.00 - 4.15 pm
Mrs Mandy Teo
Mrs Lim Mei Sze
Mdm Rozita Sulaiman 
P3 - P6


The Choir is one of the performing arts group in St. Margaret’s Primary School. It has over 70 members who have chosen to join the choir out of their love for singing. We want to nurture their God-given talent through vocal training so that they can each reach their fullest potential in this area.

In the choir, members sing as a group and learn to blend with one another. As a performing choir, members also learn to execute movements and exhibit good showmanship on stage.

tn.Choir 1.jpg.2.jpg

Choir - Change 2nd Picture.jpg
Performed at St Margaret's Concert - Almost Fairy Tales


Every Girl, A Shining Star on Stage


To be a children’s choir of excellence and one of the best school choirs in Singapore.


  1. To nurture the pupils' vocal talents, each to their fullest potential
  2. To instil discipline, build confidence in our young singers and put their artistic skills into practice
  3. To nurture girls of the character anchored on the values of Life-long learner, Integrity, Graciousness, Humility and Tenacity (LIGHT)

Activities Outline

The Choir has weekly practices when they do voice exercises to increase their vocal range and strengthen their vocal chords.

They learn to use the different voice registers, pitch accurately and have clear diction in singing. They also learn to listen to one another, blend their voices and harmonise as a group.

They are exposed to a wide repertoire of songs. Interpretation of songs is also part of the training as members sing them in different styles.

Performance at CHIJMES for Voices of Singapore 2018.jpgPerformance at CHIJMES for Voices of Singapore 2018
 Singapore International Choral Festival 2017.jpg

Singapore International Choral Festival 2017

Target for 2019

  1. To improve on the choir members' singing techniques.
  2. To achieve distinction in ABRSM Choral Exam (Intermediate).
  3. To achieve Gold in Singapore International Choral Festival 2019.

Choir Leaders

ChairmanKate Nattaya Sia 
(6 Kindness)
UnderstudyEsther Tan 
(5 Kindness)
Asst. Chairman
Shilpa Sunilkumar
(6 Kindness)
Heidi Pong Wey 
(6 Patience)

UnderstudyEmma-Jane Lim 
(5 Charity)
Section LeadersGabrielle Chareonsri
(4 Charity)
Amelia Shee 
(6 Kindness)
Adina Tan 
(5 Patience)
AssistantsRaechal S Gobiselven
(4 Devotion)
Gwyneth Tan
(4 Grace)
Sweta Das Roy
( 4 Grace)
 P6 Representatives
Cherelle Shania Tan
 (6 Grace)
Shannyn Tasha Choy 
(6 Patience)
P5 Representatives Claire Lo
5 Kindness)
Quek Rui Wen
 (5 Kindness)
 P4 RepresentativesHannah Joy Ong 
4 Grace)
Bernice Ong
(4 Kindness)
 P3 Representatives

Highlights & Achievements




  • ABRSM Choral Exam (Intermediate)
  • Singapore International Choral Festival
  • Distinction
  • Silver
2018Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation
  • ABRSM Choral Exam (Intermediate)
  • Singapore International Choral Festival
  • Distinction
  • Gold
2016Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation
  • ABRSM Choral Exam (Intermediate)
  • Cantus Angelicus Children's Choir Festival 2015- Malacca, Malaysia
  • Distinction
  • Gold
2014Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 
2013ABRSM Choral Exam (Intermediate)


  • Summa cum Laude International Youth Music Festival 2012, Vienna
  • Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging

  • 2nd Placing
  • Gold