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Learning Haven

DayTimeVenueTeachers-In-ChargePupils Involved
Friday2.15 pm - 4.15 pmEnglish Room
Mdm Endang
Mrs Adeline Ang
P3 & P4

Library Instructional RoomMr Eddie ChongP5 & P6


We want to nurture a community of independent, lifelong learners who are empowered to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. The CCA programme revolves around the use of English Language in varied ways that help build one's confidence and competency in using the language. Pupils will learn how to collaborate when they work in groups to achieve team goals. In addition, we want to build in pupils, the ability to think imaginatively and critically when posed with problems and challenges.


Pupils will learn how to:

  • compose original, creative stories
  • illustrate stories using digital art
  • tell stories expressively and eloquently
  • read news as a newsreader
  • write reports on recent news
  • advertise and market products
  • voice environmental concerns
  • script a short play
  • make and use props in drama presentations
  • act out roles of characters in various scenes
  • use puppets to convey stories 
  • compose and recite poems
Constructing a miniature theatre.jpg
Constructing a miniature theatre
Reporting news of a recent school event.jpg
Reporting news of a recent school event
Staging a puppet show.jpg
Staging a puppet show
Using props to portray characters of various scenes.JPG
Using props to portray characters of various scenes

CCA Leaders

Alayna MathurP6 Devotion
Melody EeP6 Kindness