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Art Club

DayTimeVenueTeachers-In-ChargePupils Involved
Friday2 - 4 pmArt Room 1
Art Room 2
Mrs Fam Way Lin
Mdm Tania Yap
Ms Charissa Chan
Mrs Adeline Ang
P3 - P6


The Art Club allows pupils with a shared interest in art to gather and create art. Through the weekly sessions, the pupils explore different media such as paint, batik dyes, water colour, oil pastels and mixed media. These art projects provide platforms for pupils to enhance their creativity and self-expression, and to gain a greater understanding of concepts and ideas in art.

To add on to their primary school art education experience, learning journeys are organised to raise pupils’ awareness about art around Singapore. They also learnt more about Singapore’s history and local artists. In addition, they get to view original artworks up close as they acquire art vocabulary to express their opinions on art.


  • To nurture an interest in art
  • To develop creativity and self expression
  • To foster a love and appreciation of art 
  • To nurture girls of character anchored in the values of Life-long learner, Integrity, Graciousness, Humility and Tenacity (LIGHT)

Key Programmes

  • Basic Sewing & Embroidery Project
  • Workshops by P5 and P6 CCA leaders
  • Learning Journey to explore public art 
Discovering public art durinbg the Art in Transit LJ.jpg
Discovering public art during the ‘Art in Transit' LJ

Practising their calligraphy skills during the P6 Leaders Workshop 1.jpgPractising their calligraphy skills during the P6 Leaders' WorkshopPractising their calligraphy skills during the P6 Leaders Workshop 2.jpg

CCA Leaders

PresidentIsabelle Soo Si Ru (6 Patience)
Vice-PresidentsTay Alexxis (6 Charity)
 Joyce Tiah Xiaoshuang (6 Graciousness)
 Eve Yap Ying En (6 Patience)
Ashley Tan Jia Xuan (5 Humility)
Sophia Iman Liu Xuanling (5 Tenacity)
 Vera Chan Qi’En (5 Tenacity)
P4 Level Managers Shu-En Sandosham (4 Charity)
 Afreen Zara Anvardeen (4 Patience)