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Student Achievement


English Department
Competition NameAward/Position
 Japan Airlines (JAL) 17th World Children's
Haiku Contest 2022
2 students received JAL Grand Prize
5 students received JAL Prize
1 student received Regional Manager Prize

Mathematics Department
 Competition Name Award/Position
 Singapore Math Kangaroo Contest
1 participant received Silver Award 
1 participant received Bronze Award
1 participant received Honourable Mention
 Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad
 2 participants received Silver Award 
                 4 participants received Bronze Award
           1 participant received Honourable Mentio
 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools
 2 participants received Bronze Award

National School Games Competition  
Competition NameAward/Position
 South Zone Primary Schools Senior Netball Championships 20224th in position 
 National School Games Bowling
Championships 2022

3rd  – Senior Division Overall

6th – Doubles

4th & 7th – Quartets

7th – All events 
 National School Games Rhythmic Gymnastic 2022

6th – Senior Elite Freehand

7th – Senior Elite Clubs 
 National School Games Wushu 2022

1st – Spear

2nd – Dian Changquan 


Tamil Department

Competition Name


Inter-School Virtual Tamil Language Competition 2021 

3rd in Role Play Category

Mathematics Department

Competition Name


National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) 2021

4 participants received Bronze Awards

17 participants received an Honourable Mention

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School (SMOPS) 2021

3 participants received Silver Awards 

3 participants received Bronze Awards

River Valley High School's Mathematics Challenge 2021

Certificate of Participation

Science Department

Competition Name


Singapore Primary Science Olympiad 2021

3 participants received Bronze Awards 

4 participants received Merit Awards 

16 participants received Participation recognition

Singapore Youth Science Fair 2021

Distinction Award

Mcurie Programme and Da Vinci Programme By
NUS High School of Mathematics and Science 2021

2 participants received the Mcurie Excellence Award 

2 participants received the Da Vinci Excellence Award

Art Department

Competition Name



Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition 2021


4 students from P2 received
Certificate of Recognition 


3 students from P4 received
Certificate of Participation


4 students from P5 received
Certificate of Recognition

 Draw My Stamp Story Art Competition 2021 1 participant received Silver Award
2 participants received Bronze Awards