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DayTimeTeachers-In-ChargePupils Involved
Monday & Friday2.00 - 4.00 pm
Mrs Amelia Goh
Ms Ong Cheng Bing
Ms Anna Lau
P3 - P6


We are one of the few primary schools that offers harmonica as a Co-Curricular Activity. We aim to nurture the pupils' interest and develop their skills in playing the harmonica.

Members get the opportunity to learn to play the harmonica and other accompanying instruments such as the double bass, drum and glockenspiel from our two professional instructors, Mr Tang Yuen Wai and Mr Sim Han Thiam.


  1. To promote the harmonica through the teaching of basic skills
  2. To develop the musical abilities of its members
  3. To nurture girls of character anchored on the values of Life-long learner, Integrity, Graciousness, Humility and Tenacity (LIGHT)


  1. To participate in at least one public performance to enable pupils to gain experience and exposure in the local music arena.
  2. To achieve a distinction in the SYF Arts Presentation.

Activities Outline

The Harmonica Ensemble practises twice a week. The members are taught the basic skills and techniques to play at least one instrument.

1) Participated in SYF Arts Presentation 2016.

2) Performed during the school musical 'Almost Fairy Tales'.


3) Performed during Prize-Giving Day.

19_ Performance by Harmonica Ensemble.JPG


The group's latest achievement is an Accomplishment Award in the 2016 SYF Central Judging Presentation.

Year SYF Arts Presentation 
2016 Accomplishment
 2012 Gold
2010 Silver
2008  Silver
2006 Gold
2004 Bronze
2002 Silver