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Art Club

Pupils Involved
2.15 - 4.15 pm
Mrs Fam Way Lin
Mdm Tania Yap
Ms Wong Ying Qi
P3 - P6


1A.JPGThe art club organises art projects to enhance the pupils' creativity and self expression.

Through the weeks, pupils are exposed to various forms and mediums in art such as drawing, painting, mixed media, clay and craft. Through this exposure pupils will gain a greater understanding of concepts and ideas in fine art. 

Pupils will actively participate in Art Competitions.

To add on to their primary school art education, pupils in art club are exposed to different art styles, artists and art movements through visits to art galleries and museums. From these field trips, not only do they get to view original artworks up close but they also acquire an art vocabulary in which to express their opinions on art.




  • To nurture an interest in art

  • To develop creativity and self expression

  • To foster a love and appreciation of art among the pupils

  • To nurture girls of character anchored in the values of Life-long learner, Integrity, Graciousness, Humility and Tenacity (LIGHT)